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Wedding at Trinity Cathedral and Portland Town Club
Portland Oregon

The rich beauty of ancient Chinese symbolism and European culture was perfectly infused throughout every aspect of Christina and Chad’s stunning wedding day! Christina’s Chinese culture was represented in the reoccurring theme of the “Four Gentlemen” (or four flowers) found in ancient Chinese tradition. These flowers are known to be the basis of Chinese art, because of their beauty and symbolism. These four flowers are the cherry blossom which symbolizes perseverance, the magnolia flower which symbolizes serenity, bamboo which symbolizes dignity, and the chrysanthemum which symbolizes loyalty. All such beautiful character traits that are foundational for a happy, successful wedding and marriage, and all character traits that Chad and Christina possess in abundance! These four types of flowers were used throughout the day in the centerpieces, bridal bouquet, boutonnières, and aisle decor. Even the reception itself took under a 100 year old historic magnolia tree...(continued after photos)


(Continued from above) Each of the four groomsmen, and four bridesmaids were assigned one of these “Four Gentlemen” flowers. The groomsmen assigned flower was represented in the groomsmen‘s ties, which were custom made and hand embroidered with their representative flower. Similarly, the bridesmaids custom Qipaos were hand embroidered with their flower, and their custom Chinese hand fan had their assigned flower as well. 


Each item of the wedding invitation had a different one of these four flowers embossed into the beautiful handmade paper. All four of the flowers were incorporated into their custom monogram with a C C, for Chad and Christina. This custom designed monogram was embroidered into their napkins, used in their custom wax seals, displayed on their stunning invitations and menus. Their custom linen welcome sign had each of these four flowers in it’s four corners, which was reminiscent of their save-the-date.


The art of Chinoiserie is the perfect combination of Ancient Chinese and European culture. This art form created a powerful symbol of the coming together of Christina’s Chinese culture, and Chad’s European culture. Chinoiserie, along with the “Four Gentlemen” was the inspiration for the decor and design, and the blue and white color scheme of their wedding. 


Antique mismatch chinoiserie plates, candle sticks, and vases were used throughout the reception. Some of the Chinoiserie vases displayed the Chinese symbol for double happiness. The Double Happiness symbol has traditionally been associated with marriage, the matching pair of characters conveys wishes for happiness to the new couple. Chinoiserie patterns were built into every last detail of Chad and Christina’s wedding, from the custom painted chinoiserie envelope inserts, to the chinoiserie style limited edition Gucci lipstick the bride wore. Plus we can’t leave out the beautiful hand drawn chinoiserie pattern on their delectable wedding cake that infused all “Four Gentlemen” flowers and was surrounded by hand made fondant magnolias.

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